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We want change. We want less gun violence. We want all women to have access to birth control and health care. We want a better education for all children.

Yet on issue after issue, the forces of reaction are strong and they’re pushing back. That’s where Change Corps comes in. We’re a training academy for activists. We offer a three-step training program to help you launch your career in social change. Learn More

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Step One: Learn the skills

The organizers who launched Change Corps understand that new activists need a place to start, to learn how to make their mark.

That's why we bring in trainers from across the country, covering a wide range of issues, to teach you how to organize, run a campaign, and win change. You’ll learn skills from people like Bill McKibben of, Van Jones of CNN and Rebuild the Dream, and Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood.

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Step Two: Gain experience with a social change organization

Depending on the issue, that could mean taking on a powerful corporation or industry, a dysfunctional Congress or Legislature, or anti-birth control extremists.

Taking on these challenges and opponents—and winning—means being smart when we make the case for change, being strategic when we organize for it, and being willing to work hard for it. This won't be an afternoon webinar or a weekend retreat. When you finish, you'll know how to organize people to make change happen on the issues you care about.

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Step Three: Connect with activist groups looking to hire full-time staff

Our graduates have the training and experience necessary to work at some of the nation’s top social change organizations. If you join us, by this time next year you could be raising grassroots support alongside the biggest change-makers in America.

We're now hiring for the Class of 2017-18, which will no doubt have many challenges to face, but also many opportunities to change our country for the better.

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Learn more about Change Corps

If you are interested in working with Change Corps, fill out this form and we will send you more information about our positions. From there we will connect you to our online application.

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You don't know what you want to do with your career. You only know that you want to change the world and you have the vague sense that organizing is the right way to do it. Change Corps was founded for you.

Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America