Work at the forefront of change with the Student PIRGs

Students Solving Problems

Photo: Mark Laidlaw

Students Push Our Country Forward

Students are often at the forefront of movements to build a better future for our country. Whether or not those students make real progress depends on whether they are organized, have the skills to be effective and have a strategic plan to get things done. The Student PIRGs have been working for more than 40 years to amplify the power of student activism, and help students make real change, right now.


Making a Difference

Photo: Staff

Help Students Make A Difference Right Now

Right now, PIRG students are working to convince at least 50 colleges to meet their energy needs with 100 percent renewable sources, saving the bees that pollinate our foods by banning the sale of bee-killing pesticides, and protecting our health by moving us closer to zero waste and working to ban single-use foam take-out containers, plastic grocery bags and other plastic junk we can all live without.

As the nation has struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve launched a pledge-to-stay-home campaign, called for increased testing and advocated for other policies that will keep people healthy and safe during the pandemic. And we’ve made sure that our crucial organizing work can happen digitally, so that we can continue engaging our future leaders in making real change.


Organize to Win

Photo: Athelston Rogers

Building A Brighter Future

We all want to live meaningful lives and have a future that's greener and healthier. By recruiting, training and working alongside student activists on campaigns that get results, you can help to build that future today.


Note: On-campus photos were taken before the pandemic shutdown. For the foreseeable future, all of our staff are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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