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Antibiotics save lives, but now they’re becoming less effective because they’re being overused on factory farms, with deadly consequences. Citizens United equated money with speech, and opened the floodgates for big money to drown out the voices of regular Americans. Consumers are being defrauded and taken advantage of by big banks, credit card companies and others. On these problems and more, we’re working to win smart, commonsense solutions that will make a real difference in millions of people’s lives.
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U.S. PIRG’s staff are advocates, organizers, lawyers and issue experts, all working to stand up for the public and making an impact on important issues facing our country. They know that making real change isn’t just about having a good idea or a smart solution — it’s also about organizing and informing the public, and showing decision makers that people are with us. And when powerful special interests use their enormous resources to influence our political system, they don’t stop until the public’s voice is heard and we win concrete results. Meet a few of them:

Andre Delattre oversees all aspects of the PIRGs’ programs, including program implementation and administration. Prior to becoming the U.S. PIRG Executive Director in 2007, Andre was the National Campus Director for the Student PIRGs.
As executive director of MASSPIRG, Janet coordinates policy development, research, and legislative advocacy for the largest public interest organization in Massachusetts. Since 1989, she has overseen several successful statewide initiative and referendum campaigns in Massachusetts, and has been lobbying in the state’s legislature for more than 20 years.
Christine Lindstrom is the Higher Education Program Director for U.S. PIRG student chapters. A 14-year veteran of Student PIRGs, she now works with the U.S. PIRG network across the country to develop and execute campaigns to secure affordable and accessible higher education, including helping students win the biggest federal investment in higher education since the GI Bill—the College Cost Reduction and Access Act.
Abe is responsible for program and organizational development, research, and legislative advocacy for Illinois PIRG. Before coming to Illinois PIRG, Abe was the director of ConnPIRG, where he worked with students and staff on a variety of campaigns, including successful efforts to pass Election Day and online voter registration, and to pass a bill modernizing recycling in Connecticut.
Emily is a California native who first got her start with U.S. PIRG’s fellowship program, and later worked on successful campaigns with NJPIRG before taking the helm at CALPIRG. She developed CALPIRG’s successful campaign to curb the overuse of antibiotics on livestock, leading to California becoming the first state in the nation to take serious steps to address the problem.
As the Public Health Advocate for U.S. PIRG, Dev helps coordinate political and educational outreach to keep Americans safe from dangerous chemicals and products, including U.S. PIRG’s Pledge to be Toxic-free campaign, to get major personal care brands to remove toxic chemicals from their products.

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